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  • eye-hydrator

    Eye Hydrator Step 1

    Cool and replenishing eye serum packed with vitamins A C and E blended with cucumber and aloe vera extract then infused with natural oils. Soothes tired eyes and crows feet by restoring moisture to the thin and dehydrated eye area.

    3 out of 5
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  • face-hydrator

    Face Hydrator Step 2

    Silky face cream packed with vitamins A C and E blended with Shea butter and aloe vera extract infused with natural oils. Restore the moisture to your complexion and reduce laugh lines.

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  • bodyhydr

    Body Hydrator Step 3 with Pump

    This smooth cream is effective as a body butter, packed with vitamins A, C and E blended with Shea butter plus infused with natural oils, skin is instantly soft and silky smooth.

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  • face-cleanser

    Face Cleanser Foamer Bottle

    Non drying cleanser removes impurities without removing essential skin oils infused with aloe vera, grape seed and vitamin E oils leaves skin clean and hydrated.

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  • faceexf

    Face Exfoliator (2 oz)

    Amber Honey face exfoliator utilize every 3rd day to scrub away dead skin cells and reveal nothing less than radiant skin.

    4 out of 5
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  • face-toner

    CoQ10 Toner (4 oz) Spray Bottle

    This natural tonic is an excellent product to balance the pH of any skin type while tightening, brightening, and minimizing pores and hormonal breakouts.

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  • oxmask

    Oxygen Face Mask (2 oz)

    This amazing oxygen mask is like a breath of fresh air for your skin utilize once a week to soothe, revitalize and energize your complexion.

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  • facial-kit

    Facial Kit

    This kit contains all the foundational products necessary for the professional spa facial. It includes STAT Cosmetic’s Face Cleanser, Face Hydrator, Face Exfoliator, Oxygen Face Mask, CoQ10 Tonic, and Eye Hydrator.

    5 out of 5
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  • hydrator-kit-bonus

    3 Step Hydrator Kit Plus Bonus Cleanser

    The products within this kit act as effective and natural body moisturizers, restoring skin and reducing age and sun-damage lines. The eye, face, and body hydrators offered in this kit provide the skin with a nutrient dense dose of hydration using vitamins A, C and E, as well as Shea butter and natural oils. Plus for a limited time a bonus face cleanser.

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  • lift-and-plump-kit

    Instant Lift and Plump Travel Kit

    These amazing products are travel sized for your convenience, on high demand by make up artists this kit includes instant eye lift, face lift and lip plumper.

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