img-aboutThe Natural Prescription for Radiant Skin

STAT Cosmetics are the Natural Prescription for Radiant Skin. Since their development in May 2014, more and more women have been beautifying and revitalizing their skin with STAT Cosmetics one of a kind, three step hydrating system.

Recognizing the need for a natural alternative to chemical skincare products founder, Dr. Yeeny Gonzalez created STAT Cosmetics to provide the solution which many have been seeking. To this end, she combined her twenty five years of healthcare experience with her lifelong passion for skincare to develop an easy to follow three step hydrating system, proven to deliver instant results. All STAT products are formulated from natural ingredients, combined with powerful antioxidants and infused with natural oils, making them compatible with every skin type.

This amazing three step system is easy to incorporate into any hectic morning routine, simply apply the eye, face and body hydrators twice a day, once in the morning and once at night before bed, see the difference for yourself.

The STAT Cosmetics kits are ideal for any events such as meeting venues, bridal parties and more! Be sure to order a STAT Cosmetics kit today for replenished, hydrated skin tomorrow. Your skin will be glad you did!